For Building Owners

If you own a commercial building, high-rise or multi-family residential building, partner with Mechanical X Advantage to ensure that your mission-critical power and cooling systems are designed, installed and serviced correctly.

With decades of experience working in a wide range of unique facilities, our team knows how to specify power and cooling systems for applications such as data centers, cannabis operations, high rises, and more. So when it comes to ensuring that a system will perform as intended for the long haul, we can help.

From evaluating design needs to generating drawings, spec lists and timelines, our experts will help you build the necessary infrastructure to meet your tenants’ needs, no matter how complex. Best of all, we sell a wide range of industry-leading power and cooling equipment, and manage the installation and service of a wide range of systems.

As a single point of contact when it comes to designing and installing complex MEP systems, we can eliminate finger-pointing and ensure success on just about any project. And because we sell and support the equipment that we specify, you can count on us to stand behind our work for the long term.

Best of all, thanks to our proprietary service app, we make it easy for building owners to monitor system status, request service, and report issues directly to our service team. That way we can ensure your building’s critical systems run optimally 24/7/365.

Gain a Building Owner Advantage Today

If you’re a building manager who is considering investing in new power and cooling equipment and systems to keep your critical infrastructure running smoothly at all times, MXA can help. If you have questions or you would like more information about how MXA can help, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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