The BULLDOG hybrid heat pump system was developed in the mid-1990s to satisfy the HVAC needs of the hotel industry. Designed by CGC, the BULLDOG heat pump is widely recognized as the most productive and worry-free heat pump in the building industry.

This innovative solution features a novel combination of two traditional commercial HVAC building technologies, including both conventional water-cooled air conditioning and hydronic space heating – all in one package. It’s quieter, tougher, easier to maintain and uses less electricity than traditional cooling methods, making it the ideal solution for facilities of all shapes and sizes. No other heat pump does more with less.

Developed and based upon the original CGC heat pump design and concept, the BULLDOG heat pump is an innovative Canadian improvement to the traditional Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) system.

Rather than operating the compressors in the heating mode like regular WSHP, it combines fan coil heating and WSHP cooling on the same two-pipe loop. The result is a significant reduction in electricity usage as well as decreased total building energy. Using natural gas for heating in lieu of electricity to run compressors also results in significant financial benefits since it’s less expensive to heat with natural gas than it is with electricity.

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