Cooling & Power Systems for Education Facilities

When it comes to keeping your educational institution running at its best, it’s important to protect your server rooms, network gear and other critical infrastructure from system failure. At Mechanical X Advantage, we provide the equipment and experience you need to ensure the long-term success of your school’s mission-critical applications.

Server rooms and facilities that host IT equipment and data for schools are essential to the operation of these institutions. They contain school records, teacher and student information and sensitive information. For universities, these rooms can also hold invaluable research that helps propel our world forward.

Not only can MXA design and specify power and cooling systems to best meet the needs of your educational institution, but we can also help ensure these mission-critical applications are running at their best and arrange for service to get you back up and running as soon as possible. From evaporative cooling, crac units and inrow cooling to generators, transformers and uninterrupted power supplies, our goal is to keep your school’s critical infrastructure running smoothly.

We know power and cooling, and we understand the challenges schools face when it comes to keeping their costs low and their security high. Let our team handle your facility’s cooling and power needs to ensure your infrastructure is protected and operating at its best. Let us know how we can help.

Gain a Mechanical X Advantage Today

If you oversee an educational institution or facility and you’re considering investing in new power and cooling equipment for your mission-critical applications, the team at MXA can help. From server rooms at colleges to data networks and computers used by your students and staff, we can help ensure your infrastructure is operating smoothly and safely. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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