Peak +

PEAK+ strives to help customers reduce peak energy costs with innovative energy technology. What’s more, they help building owners identify opportunities for impactful cost savings, improved system reliability and increased levels of sustainability.

The PEAK+ team works alongside their customers, providing simple energy solutions with real results. Each customer’s successful project and continued performance gains are critical to PEAK+’s future. Together, they are committed to helping organizations save money by reducing energy consumption, increasing their HVAC capacity, extending the life of their equipment, and reducing their carbon footprint.

The PEAK+ energy-reducing technology combines the natural process of evaporation with real-time building-specific controls that result in significant energy and peak demand savings. By precooling the outdoor air before it enters the condenser coils, the PEAK+ system reduces compressor energy usage up to 30% – without adding any humidity to the indoor air. This innovative approach dramatically increases the efficiency and cooling capacity of the HVAC system while reducing energy usage and peak demand.

PEAK+ monitors the performance of the system in real-time through the company’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. Their on-site controls communicate back to their NOC via a cellular-based cloud software system that allows PEAK+ to optimize system performance. In addition, the company delivers regular reports on energy and peak demand savings.

If you’re interested in requesting pricing or specifications for Peak + cooling systems, contact us today. Our team of experts is standing by and ready to help.

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