Since 2010, Excool has been designing, developing and delivering a unique energy efficient cooling solution for data centers – the first and most advanced cooling technology of its kind. It was developed in response to the broadening of the ASHRAE-recommended server inlet temperature envelope in 2008. They are thought leaders in the cooling market, providing high-value, integrated solutions to deliver energy-efficient outcomes from beginning to end.

For more than a decade, customers have trusted Excool to exceed their expectations by delivering economical, effective solutions through expertise, partnership and innovation. Their wealth of knowledge allows them to work with their customers to design the most efficient cooling solutions to meet their customers’ unique requirements, and Excool is committed to designing, developing and delivering innovative, energy efficient and effective system solutions.

Excool’s indirect evaporative cooling solution offers low energy consumption while adding security and reliability to data center owners and operators by ensuring no airborne contaminants can enter the white space from the outside.

They are able to cool data centers with year-round full or partial free cooling. Mechanical cooling is only required to top-up the partial cooling element and only when the outdoor temperature is excessively high.

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