Since 2007, Coldlogik has been working tirelessly on efficient technologies that will allow their customers to reach unprecedented levels of sustainable cooling efficiency as well as the required IT densities without the need for supplemental cooling.

As a business, Coldlogik manufactures cooling products that enhance data center cooling and provides them to global businesses to make their data centers and the world more environmentally friendly. What’s more, they are working towards more sustainable, efficient data centers by providing innovative, leading technologies to use less energy and reduce carbon footprint globally.

ColdLogik CL80 InRow Coolers efficiently utilize space while providing closed-coupled cooling within aisle containment. Aside from taking up less real estate, adding flexibility by creating a POD-based system and removing the need for raised flooring, the overall design allows for higher cabinet heat loads. In fact the CL80 InRow is capable of handling up to 74kW sensible cooling per system.

The combination of EC fan technology, managed air flow, water volume control and the incorporation of the award-winning intelligent ColdLogik Management System culminate in a cooling system that can grow with your heat loads.

ColdLogik rear door coolers replace the traditional approach to data center cooling, allowing load removal of up to 92 kW per cabinet. The door coolers ensure optimum thermal and energy performance by removing the heat generated by the active equipment directly at source, preventing hot exhaust air entering the data room.

The ColdLogik CL20 was the first intelligent rear door heat exchanger ‘RDHx’ – the original and best since 2007. ColdLogik now boasts the most energy efficient low-to-high density rear door cooling solution currently available in the world.

To request pricing or specifications on Coldlogik inrow cooling systems and rear door cooling systems, contact us today. The MXA team is standing by to help you gain a Coldlogik advantage in your mission-critical facility.

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