American Rotary

American Rotary is the manufacturer and distributor of the largest selection of phase converters and transformers online. Since the early 2000s, the company manufactures in the USA, uses custom-engineered components and leverages design excellence to deliver a superior product. American Rotary is committed to providing outstanding three-phase converters to tens of thousands of customers throughout North America and worldwide. American Rotary’s Wisconsin-based team is dedicated to technical support, customer service and delivering value to its customers.

American Rotary’s high-quality power converters provide top-notch reliability and uptime to keep facilities working longer and make their dreams a reality. All of American Rotary’s products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. From industrial applications to home workshops and even on the go, American Rotary’s rotary three-phase converters are designed to provide continuous, balanced three-phase power for any load.

For pricing and specifications on American Rotary phase converters, contact us today. We are standing by to help put American Rotary equipment to work in your next mission-critical project.

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