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Virtual communication has always been useful in business and personal communication but the last few years have made it even more vital as we conduct business and stay in contact with our loved ones. This is clear when we look at how the data center industry continues to expand.  

STULZ Celebrates Data Center Day Infographic

What is a Data Center?

A data center is a physical space where IT equipment (racks, servers, etc.) and critical infrastructure (precision cooling, fire protection, etc.) is housed. Data centers can be housed in an entire building, large rooms, small closets, and stand-alone modular containers. 

What Types of Data Centers are there?

There are four main types of data centers:

  • Enterprise
  • Hyperscale
  • Colocation
  • Edge

Enterprise data centers built, owned and operated by individual companies and are often housed on a corporate site. In comparison, Hyperscale data centers are data centers that managed by a 3rd party for a large customer.  


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